Monday, 26 March 2012

A 2 year old's logic

I dare anybody to argue with a two year old. Here are some examples 
of our recent little gems of perfect toddler sense...

No mummy I can't start having my bedtime milk in a beaker because...
"milk is white and cups are cold"

No you can't have another biscuit...
"yes because I haven't had four yet"
when did anyone say you could have four?

Me: Weatabix time.
"Weatabix is yucky"
Me: Would you like some weatabix?
"Yes please mummy"

"Giraffes like trees because they are only friendly."

Please don't break mummy's towel basket.
"But it's my house too."

Don't forget to water that flower...
"no, because it's already grown"

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